Saturday, 30 July 2016

Work in Progress - Stephen Spielberg Vs. The Academy V1

For the interested, and on some days readers are more interested in my blog than others - this is an ongoing article on how I write a blog. This is after I have an idea but before I hit 'publish' on the sidebar. 

Writing is an interesting craft. I can't think of any other form where you spend hours/weeks/years building something (your story) then when you are done you think 'Fuck, this is awesome' and rush out to try to convince everyone to read it immediately. 

Then when you look at it six months later you wonder what the hell you were thinking. It's crap. You spelled something wrong, your main character would never walk with a limp or wear a Metallica T-shirt.

So that's why I draft. Then I wait. Then I go through it again. Other artists probably just start over. I've never heard of a painting reclaimed by an artist because it was missing a tree or something, or a music album recalled because one song really sucked and the songwriter wanted to change a word or verse.

I am probably oversimplifying. I don't know other artists or writers methods. I just know what I feel I am supposed to do. 

So here is the first draft of my idea for an article that looks at the Biggest Player in Hollywood (Steven Spielberg) and his fight to be recognized as a 'serious' auteur by the Motion Picture Academy which annually presents the Oscars with much pomp and publicity. 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Brexit - Democracy at work. Sorry about that.

Apparently something happened last week in Britain that shook the foundations of mass media and the stock exchange. Pundits are still recovering and trying to figure out if we are facing a business Apocalypse and what this means for Donald Trump's Presidential bid.

They held a referendum on their participation in the European Union, a conglomeration of countries that provide business incentives for companies to do business between countries among other things. The Leave Campaign wasn't considered a serious option, much like the Quebec referendum wasn't considered a real possibility until the final days when polls kept citing it as being too close to call (it ended in a 51-49% split on Quebec staying in Canada. Next thing you know, The Quebec Nordiques left for Colorado where they became the last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup).

Saturday, 2 July 2016

The NHL Free Agent Frenzy Winners and Losers

Crib Notes from Day One of the 2016 Free Agent Frenzy

I might explore earlier free agent signings before July 1st on another day but let's just start with what's in the news today. Back-up goalies! Long-term contracts! Lotsa Money!

Who needs a back-up goalie? Apparently seven teams.

Captains on the Move? Hall, Backes, Ladd, Eric Staal, I appreciate Hall's 'Good Soldier' quote and I predict better things for him in New Jersey, like winning.

Who needs a long-term contract? 8 players apparently want that stability of the long-term deal, no matter which team it is.

Who got the best deal? - I think Dallas grabbing Dan Hamhuis for an already deep defensive corps and powerful offense is a steal. Surprised/not surprised Vancouver let the home town boy go.

Who took the biggest chance? Undoubtedly the Montreal Canadians. PK Subban gone, Price still yet to show he's game-ready then they go and pay $5 million for most likely a one and done Radulov season.

Marc Bergevin?

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Business Insider Does Cult Films; a Review

spoiler alert - there are only 3 movies from this mural on the list...

It's a sad day when I click on a link to Business Insider where they have a breakdown of box office bombs that went on to become cult movies because, you know, nothing screams out cult movies like a list in Business Insider.

Am I bitter? Maybe. Maybe just more annoyed. I used to do a few lists once or twice. Then I realized there was no reason why my list is better than say, yours or your mom's (other than my own sense of humour embedded in the list reasoning). But I read this list anyways and thought to myself; if everyone knows these are cult movies, are they still cult movies? Is Mormonism still a cult because it's a weird offshoot of another bigger religion that is followed by a certain type of people who get along great with each other but have trouble relating to the rest of the world? Doesn't that also describe people who watch cult movies?

So I went through the list and I'll give you a list of the list. These were movies that did relatively poor at the box office but found life afterwards in either DVD, VHS or TV. The definition of a cult movie by the writer is pretty all encompassing, so I'm going to score the writer's idea of a cult movie with mine.